MAD | 21 – the Future of MEDIA, ARTS & DESIGN, 08/12/2021

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MAD CONFERENCE 8.12.2021 | 02:00 -8:30 PM UCT+1 (Vienna)

On December 8, 2021, a special edition of the Media Arts & Design Conference will take place. Selected topics of our upcoming book, which will be published in mid 2023 will be presented to the interested audience in advance.

!!! MAD CONFERENCE 8.12.2021 | 02:00 -8:30 PM UCT+1 (Vienna) !!!

01:30   – 01:50: CHECK IN

01:50     – 02:00: Alexander Pfeiffer, Alesha Serada             | Opening Words

02:00     – 02:30: Alexander Pfeiffer             | Talks about an outline of various Blockchain projects in the field of MAD in which he has been involved over the last few years.

02:30     – 03:00:    Edith Huber and   Wolfgang Haidegger     | Talk about current topics in the field of cybercriminality.

03:00     – 03:30:    Alexiei Dingli        | Talks about our current path towards a metaverse.

03:30    – 04:00:    Bernhard Nissla               | Talks about his years of experience being a NFT artists.

04:00     – 04:30:    Corrado Andriani              | Talks about his projects, focusing on NFT magic

04:30    – 05:00:    Alesha Serada    | Talks about the visionaries of the future in Soviet sci-fi films

05:30   –  06:00:    Michael Wagner               | Talks about why his department at Drexel University is eying on Blockchain technologies.

06:00   –  06:30: Alexander Seewald           | Talks about analyzing the Game Mechanics of Go!Pop: How the most likely path to win is not always the best one.

06:30   –  07:00: Thomas Wernbacher   and Alexandra Millonig     | Talk about Carbon-Diet a new App for exchanging travel certificates between universities, secured by Blockchain technologies.

07:00  –   07:30: Team Tarasca     | Talks about the current progress of the Tarasca collection and game, after the successfull kickstarter campaign.

07:30   –  08:00: Suivew  | Talks about the development of a Blockchain based Proof‐of‐Ownership protocol.

08:00  –   08:15: Alexander Pfeiffer and Alexiei Dingli      | Present the games developed during the “C-SDGs – Embracing the Sustainable Development Goals through Creative Arts, Erasmus+ Project” (

08:15: Closing Words



The digital games sector, and in particular the online and mobile games segment, is growing steadily. Even now, during the Covid 19 crisis, the digital games industry is perceived as one of the few winning industries. But as always, when it comes to people and huge monetary values, the door is wide open for fraudulent activities. The short track of Game!Crime? wants to discuss what kind of crimes and fraudulent activities occur in digital game environments. How can the industry (game developers, publishers, etc.) react and last but not least how can players be protected? Furthermore, how can new technological approaches such as AI or Blockchain help to protect stakeholders?

Topics of interest:

Avatar and identity theft
Theft and misuse of credit card data
Theft and misuse of virtual goods
Setup of a pirate server
Terrorism planning through game chats
Money Laundering
Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks via a game
Sex offences and grooming in game chats
Mobbing and insulting offences

Alexiei Dingli, Alexander Pfeiffer and Natalie Denk will host a Special Workshop on Cybercrime in the field of game-studies at the 6th International Conference on Cyber Security and Privacy in Communication Networks (ICCS) 2020, and abstracts can be submitted until November 5, 2020.

Accepted papers will appear in the Springer SN Computer Science Journal: