MAD 2021 & 22 – Anthology


!!! The use of the Word template below. It is mandatory for the submission of a paper for the anthology.

Submit your paper via e-mail to:

Please indicate if you want to have a peer review (paper) or an editorial review (project / story / experience)

The length of the paper should be 4 to 16 pages (including title, abstract, references) – using the attached Word template!

There will be a review process. However, submit your paper as if it were ready-to-publish and ensure proof-reading.

Citation styles, terminologies, formatting conventions, and copyright:
To do justice to the interdisciplinary nature of our field (and in line with the “freedom”-dimension of this year’s conference), you are free to choose between

• MLA (,
• APA,
• Chicago (, or
• Harvard (
citation styles for references and citations. (Needless to say that once you choose a style, you should stick to it throughout your paper).

To help our editors get into the process quickly, please note which citation style you were using when submitting your paper.

We recommend writing proper names / titles (e.g. of games or characters) in italics. The most important thing here is to stay consistent within your paper.
Please refer to your contribution as paper (not article or chapter).
By submitting the manuscript, the author confirms that they do not infringe any image or media copyrights. Please only use images that you have legally secured for publication in the book and cite them properly. According to the Copyright Law of Austria, copyrighted images (including screenshots) may be cited in scientific papers (see § 42f). The following must be ensured:
• It is up to you to check whether the image has been published with the consent of the copyright holder/image producer (be careful with screenshots that you find online).
• The image(s) must be necessary for the scientific discussion of your topic. Don’t use the screenshot if it’s just for illustration purposes.
When citing a game, please include the title, publisher, developer, and year of release in the bibliography, and the developer or publisher in short citations (e.g. when referencing a game, and the title, production company, director, and year of release when referencing a movie.)
For in-text or other short citations, please include the developer/director and the year of release.

The language of the anthology is English. Feel free to use either British or American English.

!!! Submission deadline for your paper is April 30th, 2023. Please make sure to keep the deadline. And of course, we greatly appreciate early submissions.

After the submission deadline there will be a review process (open peer review). We strive to send you the reviewed papers / review notes / editor notes no later than June 1st. Please plan to make revisions to the paper by July 1st, 2023 if necessary.

The anthology will be published as an open access e-book via “Edition Donau-Universität Krems: Universitätsverlag der Donau-Universität Krems”

We plan to release the anthology in fall 2023 – just before MAD 2023


All authors are also invited to participate in the review process. We’d be happy if many of you would engage in this kind of discourse, as this is usually a productive and fruitful experience for all parties involved. If you are interested, please let us in the paper registration form.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We are very much looking forward to your paper!
The editorial team